David C. Adams to Speak at the 2019 Stockholders Convention

August 17, 2019

David C. Adams
to Speak at the 2019
Stockholders Convention

David Adams to speaks the Punch TV Studios Shareholders Convention 2019

David C. Adams is a master at successfully navigating extensive financial concepts from business plans to lesson plans.

Punch TV Studios is bringing together the “International Master Mind Group in Financing”

David C. Adams has extensive financial and economic expertise towards the cognitive development of interested minds of both students and associates. He has a Masters Degree from the USC, a Masters in Finance and accounting from from the American Inter-Continental University.

Mr. Adams is currently Sr. Vice President of Investments for Southern Trust Securities, Inc. 20 + years in recruiting, broker training and corporate restructure management training of Public Officers, Students, Clients, Investors including tutoring of business finance, business management and corporate restructure to CFO’s, CEO’s, COO’s, College students and interns.

Multi – Industry experience: Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Annuities at Prudential Preferred Financial Services

1) (Top Rookie Sales Representative 1995), Mortgage Loan Originator of Nationwide Banc Corp
2) (Top Rookie Loan Broker Originator 2006)

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