The White Sisters

October 21, 2019

The White Sisters

Like most sisters, the White sisters had their differences growing up. But unlike most sisters, Erin, Jordan, Gabby, Stone, and London White allowed the “cocaine game” to tear them apart.The White Sisters, now grown, have not been in the same room in almost ten years. Some blame it on the choices they made in their lives. Choices in men… choices in careers… choices in religion and politics. Whatever the reasons, they’ve grown apart and have gone their separate ways.

Each sister remains buried deep in their own lane until the day one of their lives is threatened by a Mexican drug lord, causing the sisters to set aside their differences, join forces, and FIGHT BACK!

As the threat grows stronger so does their bond, making them a force that can only be reckoned by BLOOD.

This show will be available summer 2020 for syndication

This show will be available summer 2020 for syndication order now 323-489-8119 ext 230

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Available summer 2020 order now

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