A Conference Call with the CEO

Conference Call with the ceo

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  • Learn More about investing

    The waters of Wall Street can be difficult for most of us to understand. We have created these Conference Calls to help us navigate those waters. This is for the purposes of learning and building your personal wealth

  • do not discuss your investment in URBT

    The conference with the CEO is for educational purposes only. The CEO will not know anything about your personal investments in the company. If you need help with the investment you made in URBT, contact investor relations 323-489-8119 ext. 230

  • Have your questions ready

    Each call will be no longer than 1 hour. We understand that in your conference call, new questions will come to mind. But, to save time have your questions ready in advance.

  • Invite a group of 10 or more

    We are expanding our company and we can grow together. If you want a Conference Call invite at least 10 friends to the call. This will help us reach the maximum of investors to talk with.

  • Do Not Pitch show ideas

    Your time with the CEO is very valuable. He will be speaking with you about the growth opportunities for our company. He will be sharing with you his ideas on what it may take to grow our company. So please don't pitch your shows

  • Book Your appointment

    Give yourself enough time to gather your group together. We can accommodate up to 200 callers at a time. If you have more in your group let us know, so that we can make the arrangements for your group. Call 323-489-8119 ext 236 for help

Note: The CEO may not be available for all calls but a qualified member of our investor relations team will be available to assist you.

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