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It is now possible for investors to become stockholders and part owners in our success.  We are truly a company on the cutting edge of multi-media and technology.  We’re using technology to create a global media empire.  

This investment could be your way to leave a legacy for your children and your family. 


Investors in the United States and Canada must be accredited, and the minimum investment is $5,000.00 or 1,000 shares. Plus we bonus you with discount warrants equal to your investment. 

What is an accredited investor?  


We welcome the international community to invest. From Africa to Mexico, From Europe to Brazil we are happy to make our company a place for you grow your wealth. The minimum investment  is one share or $10 U.S. 

We have made it simple and easy for you to invest in this American company.


Our Investment Strategies

We believe, in the world of finance,  the concept that money itself has no intrinsic value, it is simply a medium of exchange.

There is a relationship between risk and profit, and the social responsibilities to the community.  Which makes an investment in Punch TV Studios attractive.

Punch TV Studios is a company that represents socially responsible investing. Punch TV Studios represents an investment that is socially responsible. With its goal to revitalize blighted urban areas and to create new opportunities for investors and the local community is a concept we fully embrace. Socially conscious investing creates change. Punch TV Studios is a company that’s leading the way. 

Your investment in Punch TV Studios, is an invest in change.

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